Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

2012年1月28日 星期六

Spring 2012 So Far

Although the semester just started for two weeks, I have done lots of stuffs (the semester for CUNY has not even started). I need to take only one class in this final semester, and that one is Jesse Prinz's "Morality and the Self." Though I am not especially interested in moral philosophy, I am still excited about it.

Other attended classes include:


1. "Naturalizing Conceptual Content" by Jerry Fodor and Zenon Pylyshyn
2. "Descriptions" by Gary Ostertag
3. "Persons" by Carol Rovane
4. "The Particularity of Perceptual Experience" by Susanna Shellenberg


1. Behavioral Neuroscience
2. Attention and Perception
3. Cognition and the Brain
4. Consciousness and Attention (all at Columbia)

Those in psychology are mainly undergrad lectures, so they are not especially challenging. I try to learn as much as possible and to improve English listening by the way. It's always an issue for non-native speakers.

As for philosophy, I am pretty happy about the options this semester. I also need much time for the M.A. Thesis, but since I started pretty early on, I am not too worried about it. At this point I have finished the introduction and chapter 1. The first draft should be done by the end of February, and then I will have plenty of time revising it.

I will also have many academic trips this semesters; some records will be posted in due course (for my own records, at least).

New York is great, at least for philosophy, and I will come back again and again. Maybe it's a bit odd to say this at the beginning of the semester, but I just feel like saying it.