Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

2014年8月23日 星期六

Progresses at UCL

Since the last note, lots of things have happened and I am never in the mood to update. Even now I feel a bit lazy, but just for my own record, here are several lines.

The part-time course at Birkbeck is going fine: I will do research methods I and II, and developmental psychology, and that would fulfill the basic requirement. Other than that, I seek to gain practical experiences by participating experimental works. Earlier this year I joined the "Rethinking the Senses" project" run by the CenSes under University of London, and will be part of it throughout. From January 2015 I will join the Action and Body lab run by Patrick Haggard at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience for a year. At the same time I attend lab meetings of Matt Longo's BodyLab on regular basis. All these are very exciting, but I do not pretend that I am doing well now, and I am not even sure how far I can go down this route. Whenever I hear academic conversations from people in sciences I still feel quite lost. But in any case this is what I feel like doing now so will carry on and see how it goes.

As for philosophy, I just finished the MPhil. Stud. with a thesis on visual attention and discrimination. It's continuous with my thesis at CUNY, but now I approach it with a different angle, namely perception of magnitude and related notions. This is something that I will keep working on in the future, but after submitting the thesis I will take a break from it and move on to other areas within philosophy of perception.

At this point I am sitting on a desk I used to work at U. C. Berkeley. Next time when I update it will be my adventure here.