Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

2010年11月19日 星期五

Time and the Unity of Consciousness

It is not that I have anything interesting to say about these tough stuffs; it is a conference again, and at Harvard again. One thing NYC is so great academically is that places such as Harvard, MIT, Rutgers, and Princeton are all within reach. Of course it is not as if I can incorporate most resources from them. Philosophy is very different from parties; it takes a lot of time, and showing up in many events does not mean one learns much. That said, I still think it is good to reach these resources, especially in my first year.

So I will meet Sean Kelly and Susanna Siegel again, and I look forward to meeting Adam Pautz, Fiona Macpherson, Ian Phillips, Geoffrey Lee (again), L. A. Paul, Berit Brogaard, among others. Again, philosophy is not like fasion shows; to talk to philosophers one admires does not mean that one learns much, especially at a one-day conference. But still I will try my best to learn. So far the most important message from this semester is that I still have a very long way to go. Philosophy is so damn hard.

In addition to this exciting event and other ones, I am finishing two term papers entitled "On Believing That" and "Meaning, Communication, and Minimal Propositions." As I wrote in the previous reminder, I do not believe one seminar can turn anyone into an expert or anything like that in an area. They are just term papers; no matter how hard I work, they look just amateur.