Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

2010年12月17日 星期五

Spring 2011 Schedule: Kant, Consciousness, and Aesthetics (and Much More)

So I finally finished the difficult semester for philosophy of language. Next semester will be even busier, given that so many courses I want to sit in on. But let me start with the official three.

There is one on Kant's First Critique. This time I really want to focus more on the text itself; in the past I relied on secondary literature too much. And there will be Jesse Prinz's "Aesthetic Psychology"; this might be the most challenging one for me, since I have never touched on aesthetics in the past. And there will be David Rosenthal's "The Function of Consciousness." Philosophy of mind, Ich comme!

I might want to sit in on some undergrad classes at NYU, but I suspect that I won't be able to do so. As for seminars, two "must go" are Ned Block's one on perception and Christopher Peacocke's one on self-consciousness. Again, even if I restrict myself to this two, it is already too much indeed. But this is New York. And there will be Ernest Sosa's epistemology. Some other possibilities include one on Plato's Republic and one on Hume's Treatise. I will do my best. Since I suspect I will move to somewhere else to write the dissertation, I need to maximize what I can learn here.

By the way, I just submitted 10 graduate applications and 5 conference proposals; I expect all of them will be turned down, though. Philosophy, so competitive!

And now I have to work on the review of Chalmers's new book. It's way too big!