Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

2011年1月26日 星期三

Spring Schedule Determined

I give up attending any undergrad lectures, and dropped Plato and Hume. But I am happy with my decisions. This PHILOSOPHY OF MIND semester demands me to do so. The most exciting thing is that I plan to go for a psychology seminar entitled "Consciousness and Attention" taught by Hakwan Lau at Columbia. I am lucky enough to notice this one in the last minute.

It is not clear to me that I am able to understand many things in this one, but I am happy to try. I need to know how far I can go in the empirical direction.

And in order to retain my secondary interest in philosophy of language, I will attend "Propositions" by Gary Ostertag. Who knows; maybe I will come back to language in the future, provided that I have suitable environment.

And I am still waiting for the results of all those graduate applications and conference submissions.

And although I have many ideas, I decide not to put them in the blog recently. This is not because I am aware that no one really reads them, but because I want to spend more time reading. So many things to learn.