Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

Presentation at Reading, Jan. 2013

2011年4月10日 星期日

Okay, Now What?

There have been two months that no update appears. The graduate applications are all dead, and the conference submissions are almost all dead - I do not have time to attend the only one I got. And I spent some time recovering for all those defeats. But I do not stop, not even a day. The past two months are the most productive period in recent years. I just simply don't feel that there is anything worthy of posting; I just keep learning.

Now I need to worry about the term papers for The First Critique, Aesthetic Psychology, and Consciousness. I will write on spatial orientation for Kant, attention and aesthetic experience for psychology, and cognitive accessibility for consciousness. I try to deveop more positive, substantial theses this time.

And there will be the Rutgers Epistemology Conference in May, and the Putnam one in late May/early June; good things for one to look forward to. Two workshops on attention at Harvard are great too.